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Get her Knocked UP

Get her Knocked UP
Wanna lovely nice girl? Just catch and take her! Fuck her, cum into her! Get a girl into trouble...

Pon-pon Girl "Sakuragawa Yuki-chan's Circumstances"

Sakuragawa Yuki-chan's CircumstancesSakuragawa Yuki-chan's Circumstances
Most men want to make young girl a good wife. I want to make her MY wife... Which of course means having her get pregnant, birth, and raise my child...

Doreihime - Mesubuta Nikubenki - Slave Princess
Doreihime - Mesubuta Nikubenki - Slave PrincessDoreihime - Mesubuta Nikubenki - Slave Princess
The elegant, beautiful princess of a small kingdom Lushe is abducted by the imperial army. Lushe with a collar around her neck, is used like a sex slave and violated in every way possible until she is pregnant.

Ryojyoku Muhotoshi
Ryojyoku MuhotoshiRyojyoku Muhotoshi
Luna and Lacus are good-looking adventures came to save the country from monsters, but ends up humiliated by monsters and soldiers in various ways.

Magical Girl Tururu - Tururu is a student witch, studying at Seito Magic School. The surrogate mother Mirro Varis always says that she is not yet a full-fledged witch. One day, she get a commission to kill monsters to win the admiration, but...

Ninpu no chushin de seishi wo hoshutsushita kemono - Aiika is obsessed with sex with Shieji, wanting more and more his cum in her pussy, but Shieji is totally exhausted. As an inevitable consequence, she becomes pregnant. She makes up her mind to give birth, but...
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